Positive Meditation


Positive Meditation offers courses in Mindfulness and Meditation for groups and individuals and via healthcare providers, GPs, holistic centres, social and community groups, health clubs and spas, charities, prisons. Sessions are delivered irrespective of background, beliefs, or abilities.


We focus on introducing you to a set of accessible, step-by-step guided Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. These will enable people to choose what suits them best for their own, personal, maximum gain. Techniques will include focusing your attention on:


• The Breath

• Mindfulness in all its aspects

• A Simple Mantra

• Sounds

• Walking/Movement

• ‘Minute Meditations’ for use in ‘super busy lives


Anyone can learn to practice Mindfulness and Meditation and no prior knowledge is required.




“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally with an open heart.” Jon Kabat-Zinn


“It’s cultivation is a process that unfolds and deepens over time as it becomes integrated into your life.” Mark Williams


“Research shows that people who practice Mindfulness and Meditation are more aware of their thoughts, feelings and sensations and are better able to manage themselves and life’s ups and downs. Mindfulness training boosts your attention and concentration, raises your level of emotional intelligence, increases your resilience and improves relationships. It can also enhance innovation, creativity and productivity.” Michael Chaskalson


“Meditation is a gift to ourselves. It finds you the space to re-charge. The potential, over time, is that your energy will begin to ‘seep’ out into the world. If you are in a better place then it will be a better place for others too.” Bonnie Roberts, Positive Meditation. 



Positive Meditation courses follow a strict Code of Ethics. All clients will be required to fill in a Registration form prior to course commencement.


Positive Consultancy Ltd (www.positiveconsultancy.net) offers Mindfulness and Meditation sessions to Corporates, SMEs, Local and National Government, Unions, Assisted Living and Care Homes, the NHS, Teachers etc.).


Accredited Provider

All Meditation teachers used by Positive Meditation (and Positive Consultancy Ltd) are fully qualified Meditation Teachers on an official register with the British School of Meditation (BSoM) and fully accredited by APT awards, regulated by Ofqual.







If you would like to talk to us about Mindfulness and Meditation, attend a course, or organise a group who wish to learn to practice or promote Mindfulness and Meditation in any way then please contact us either by calling +44 (0)1491 872184 or emailing bonnie@positivemeditation.net


If you would like to discuss Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation workshops, please contact: info@positiveconsultancy.net or take a look at: www.positiveconsultancy.net



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