Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Positive Meditation offers non-religious, simple and effortless Mindfulness and Meditation classes. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime for around an ideal period of 20 minutes (less will do). There are no requirements to sit cross-legged on the floor (although you can if you so choose). We just use chairs (or floor space if clients prefer to sit on the floor or lie down) – whatever is most appropriate or comfortable for the individual.


Mindfulness and Meditation aims to encourage a state of deep rest and relaxation with the mind becoming increasingly silent yet the meditator is completely awake, alert and aware.  This allows the body’s natural healing mechanism to function fully, establishing better health, well-being, balance and calmness.  It has also been proven to increase people's resilience to life’s ups and downs and encourage positivity of mind, happiness and enhanced mental clarity, concentration and creative productivity.




Over 11,000 scientific studies have been undertaken on Mindfulness and Meditation in recent years including from Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Yale Medical School, UCLA Medical School, Exeter University, Oxford and Cambridge Universities. All of whom back up growing evidence suggesting that Mindfulness and Meditation has a very positive effect both physiologically and psychologically.


Benefits indicated by research include:


• Increased resilience to life’s up and downs

• Increased energy/reduced feelings of fatigue

• Increased focus, clarity of mind and more creative productivity

• Improved performance at work/sport/leisure/home

• Reduced stress/anxiety and depression

• Improved sleep patterns

• Lowered blood pressure

• Reduced cholesterol

• Relief of headaches and migraines

• Stronger immune systems

• Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke

• Reduced use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

• Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

• Easing of muscular tension

• Better pain control

• Balanced digestion

• Relief of symptoms of asthma

• Alleviation of PMT

• Supportive, in most cases, of illness including cancer and diabetes etc




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