Mindfulness and Meditation

Could your mind do with an overhaul as well as your body?

Would you like to enhance your sense of well-being, your health, your energy, your resilience to life’s ups and downs and your overall effectiveness and productivity at home and work?

 If so, then come and learn the very SIMPLE and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE technique of MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION. It’s easy to learn, only takes a few minutes of practice a day and the classes are FUN as well!

What could be a better and more uplifting proposition than that after a busy and hectic 2014?

Comments from recent ‘graduates’ of the Mindfulness and Meditation Classes:

“Great sessions. Delivered in a supportive manner with enthusiasm and fun and a clear knowledge of the practical challenges and benefits of meditation.”

“A really lovely course, Interesting and extremely well delivered. A stimulating and vibrant trainer who makes the environment feel very safe and supportive.”

“Very calming, Excellent for countering work stress.”

“I am more patient than I was when I started, more relaxed and I sleep a lot better too.”

“I am now drinking a lot less and feel more in control.”

“A really helpful course both in respect of my effectiveness at home and at work.”

“Over the duration of the course my blood pressure has reduced considerably.”

“Bonnie is a warm, engaging, grounded person who is a natural teacher and led the class with empathy, humour, positivity and understanding. A thoroughly beneficial course.”

“I now feel much more in control of my very busy thought processes and of my high levels of anxiety and stress.”

“I now feel more able to stand back from making immediate and sometimes negative responses to certain situations (both at home and work) and can now re-perceive specific issues and take wiser decisions and actions.”


If you would like to join a session please go to the CLASSES page of www.positivemeditation.net for further details about the Spring Term 2015.


NB Course notes will be provided. Positive Meditation teachers are on an official register with the British School of Meditation and fully accredited by APT awards and regulated by Ofqual.


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