Positive Meditation offer a secular, evidence based practise of Mindfulness and Meditation, which is extremely easy to do, enjoyable and anyone can learn (even those with the busiest of minds!). Programmes are designed specifically not only to help people live life at higher levels of health, happiness and contentment but also with greater energy, creativity, focus and clarity of mind, achieving more with less effort. 

Resilience to life's ups and downs, both in the work place and at home, is considerably enhanced.


Mindfulness and Meditation has been scientifically validated to be highly effective for stress relief, and is a very simple key to all round good health and well-being where a state of restful alertness (i.e. a unique state of very deep relaxation) encourages calm and revitalisation. It is considered to be a quality of life improver where the ‘batteries can recharge’.


Once learnt, Mindfulness and Meditation is something that you can effortlessly carry on throughout your life, anytime, anywhere. You only need a small amount of time per day (even 10 minutes would be good) and of course it is absolutely free, with no catches, no travel time, no special equipment. All you need is YOU (and a chair or small floor space).



If you would like to talk to us about Mindfulness and Meditation, attend a course, or organise a group who wish to learn to practice or promote Mindfulness and Meditation in any way then please contact us either by calling +44 (0)1491 872184 or emailing bonnie@positivemeditation.net


If you would like to discuss Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation workshops, please contact: info@positiveconsultancy.net or take a look at: www.positiveconsultancy.net



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